Emergency Oxygen Training

The Lifeguard Services’ Emergency Oxygen Administration course is an advanced staff rescue skill providing a victim supplemental oxygen for breathing. The course shows how to administer emergency oxygen and perform rescue breathing. Supplemental oxygen provides more opportunity for success than rescue breathing alone and helps prevent cardiac arrest or brain damage in the victim.

Oxygen is considered a drug and it has strict rules for its employment. Emergency oxygen training provides your staff access to this important lifesaving tool. Staff members are instructed on how to deploy and administer oxygen and how to restrict use when an emergency defibrillator is employed. Additionally, staff members are instructed on the care, upkeep, and refilling the oxygen tanks available in your work area.

Staff members who successfully complete the training and text will have certification for two years.

Lifeguard Services is your “Best friend in the water.” We have over 20 years of experience in water rescue training providing access to a nationally Certified Swift and Flood Water instructor and a lifeguarding instructor. Our staff always arrive uniformed, equipped, and trained to the highest standards. Please call us during normal working hours at 561-641-2855 or use our Inquiry Form anytime.