For Lifeguarding

seabob rescue on the beachSkilled rescue swimmers find the Seabob Rescue sled puts more focus on the victim and less focus on getting to the victim. Lifeguards utilize Seabob Rescue with their heads out of the water and their eyes focused on the victim’s location. Swimming doesn’t allow this without taking a penalty for fatigue. The Seabob Rescue craft allows a rescuer to continually observe the victim’s situation en route. Professional rescuers arrive less fatigued and are more prepared for the rescue. This greatly improves rescuer safety and aids faster victim retrieval.

Strengthening the Tower
While a Seabob Rescue equipped beach lifeguard towers provide a tremendous coverage option for professional lifeguards, modest beach lifeguard department budgets typically limit full coverage. Beach lifeguard captains often position their Seabob Rescue  lifeguard sled near challenging areas of the beach, especially those with known riptides and whirlpools. They know Seabob Rescue provides a greater margin of safety to get into and out of these challenging surf conditions.

Seabob Rescue is equipped with attachment points for additional rescue response gear. For example, tube buoys and backboards can be attached and pulled behind the rescuer. Each Seabob Rescue can be modified to support the specific needs of the beach or fire and rescue department they serve. Additionally, a water-resistant radio or camera could be mounted on the craft’s utility platform.

Seabob Rescue Features

  • Small, compact, and man-portable – Get this craft where you need it fast.
  • Easy operation – Intuitive controls and TFT color display provide ease of use.
  • Quickly access the water – One button electric start.
  • Electronic tether to the user – Never lose your Seabob Rescue craft. It knows how to stay near you.
  • Powerful electric motor – Electro-jet propulsion provides immediate, sustained power.
  • Long battery life – The craft has highly efficient Lithium-Ion accumulators.
  • All water operation – Designed with carbon, ceramics, plastics, and salt-water resistant precious metals.
  • Low maintenance – The all-electric operation avoids the need for gasoline and oil.
  • Water jet propulsion, no propeller – Rescuers and victims are safe from spinning blades.
  • Perfect for one man rescue in high surf conditions – The craft dives under the waves with you.
  • Onboard sensors – The TFT color display provides additional information on water depth and temperature.
  • Air Transportable – Seabob Rescue is certified by the applicable UN transport test according to UN / DOT 38.3.
  • Quick stops – Releasing the trigger on the right Piezo Controlgrip switches off the thrust and stops the vehicle.
  • PIN Security – Each Seabob Rescue craft can be locked in storage.

Lifeguard Services supports the use of Seabob Rescue for its overall speed, utility, and performance. The company is a certified worldwide Seabob Rescue partner focused on Florida and most of the American South. However, rescue personnel interested in working with a highly experienced, fellow lifesaver in the acquisition and operation of this remarkable rescue craft can work directly with Lifeguard Services for demonstrations and sales.

To learn more about Seabob Rescue, please call 561-641-2855 during normal business hours or complete our Inquiry Form anytime.