Going Under

seabobSeabob Rescue is the only water rescue craft that can dive underwater. This is a major factor when a victim goes unconscious and sinks. The rescue diver just needs to point their Seabob Rescue craft into the water and jet to the victim. Seabob Rescue is an all-electric craft, which is a feature common to naval submarines, built for underwater use. A large built-in depth gauge on the control panel informs the rescuer of water depth. Once contact with the victim is made, the craft can haul both the rescuer and victim to the surface quickly.

Seabob Rescue is also a very effective tool in recovery operations. The craft’s utility platform can be used for lighting while the operator executes underwater search and recovery procedures. The craft’s long battery life combined with the operator’s use of Scuba gear provides a longer operational recovery time. It is also less fatiguing to the operator.

Lifeguard Services supports the use of Seabob Rescue for its overall speed, utility, and performance. The company is a certified worldwide Seabob Rescue partner focused on Florida and most of the American South. However, rescue personnel interested in working with a highly experienced, fellow lifesaver in the acquisition and operation of this remarkable rescue craft can work directly with Lifeguard Services for demonstrations and sales.

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