Hire Water Event Lifeguards

safe eventLifeguard Services provides a water event safety service for public events held on the water or near the waterfront. These events generally include open water races, but may also include baptisms, primary or supplemental coverage for large school events, social parties, or family beach gatherings. Event participants may be in or out of the water in the designated coverage area. Lifeguard Services will ensure adequate safety for your participants.

Lifeguard Services provides a turn-key operation for open water event planners. We arrive with the uniformed personnel, equipment, and rescue gear. Our lifeguards are trained to a high standard. They are professional and will maintain a professional presence during the course of your planned event or outing.

Event Coverage
Aquatic event coverage is determined by the estimated number of participants and the total coverage of the designated event area. This determines the number of lifeguards needed for any event. Event coordinators also need to provide proof of event insurance coverage and a clear chain of command from the event organizers.

As a water event safety partner, Lifeguard Services will make the sole determination on the safety of your aquatic event. However, we do work with the event organizers on any safety call that might cancel or delay the event. Private water event safety begins with Lifeguard Services.

Lifeguard Services is your “Best friend in the water.” We have over 20 years of experience in water rescue training providing access to a nationally Certified Swift and Flood Water instructor and a lifeguarding instructor. We are recognized for professionalism in training and water event management. Please call us during normal working hours at 561-641-2855 or use our Inquiry Form anytime.