Our Mission

The safe enjoyment of water allows a great deal of recreation and fun. Lifeguard Services’ Mission Statement outlines our interpretation of ‘safe’ as a business objective.

Mission Statement
Lifeguard Services provides water-based rescue, first responder, and safety training for emergency response, business planning, and individual certification that exceeds minimum standards. We take a proactive approach to rescuer safety and victim care management. We train students to think critically, respond appropriately, and strive for positive outcomes in emergency situations. We educate, consult, and manage the safe use of inland and open water recreational venues.

Lifeguard Services is your “Best friend in the water.” We have over 20 years of experience in water rescue training providing access to a nationally Certified Swift and Flood Water instructor and a lifeguarding instructor. We are recognized for professionalism in training and water event management. Please call us during normal working hours at 561-641-2855 or use our Inquiry Form anytime.