Seabob Rescue

seabob rescueSeabob Rescue is a special purpose, man-portable water rescue craft capable of high-speed surface and underwater retrievals. Slightly larger than the old-fashioned lifeguard rescue can, Seabob Rescue’s superior speed, agility, and endurance provide an excellent one-man tool in the mid-range aquatic distances and heavy surf conditions. It is the Lifesaver’s watercraft.

In a water rescue situation, a single rescuer can carry a Seabob Rescue craft into the water, press the electric start and be one his or her way to the victim with all the safety and power of water electro-jet propulsion. An average rescue swimmer won’t have the same closing speed to the victim as a Seabob Rescue equipped emergency responder. Seabob Rescue makes the fastest swimmer obsolete.

When Time Matters
In a common single person rescue, the rescuer just needs to get Seabob Rescue into the water and start. There are no lines to cast-off or boat to launch. Unlike an inflatable rescue boat or rigid emergency craft, Seabob Rescue maintains a low center of gravity once employed. There is no fear of capsizing the lifesaving boat in the surf while the rescuers maneuver into position. Seabob Rescue takes a single rescuer straight to the victim for faster contact, which saves time and greatly increases the chance for victim survival.

Lifeguard Services supports the use of Seabob Rescue for its overall speed, utility, and performance. The company is a certified worldwide Seabob Rescue partner focused on Florida and most of the American South. However, rescue personnel interested in working with a highly experienced, fellow lifesaver in the acquisition and operation of this remarkable rescue craft can work directly with Lifeguard Services for demonstrations and sales.

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